Older people’s health and wellbeing

Derbyshire County Council ‘Live Stronger for Longer’.
This campaign raises awareness of falls amongst three ‘untypical’ audiences and highlights the importance of falls prevention. Concepts included a ‘Small Grants Pot' allowing local people and healthcare professionals to get directly involved in the campaign. 
Ten local groups participated and I encouraged some unique engagement activities, providing remote design support during the pandemic. This included a short video to be used on social media, titled ‘Sing4Health’ using clips recorded by the participants from a local choir. 
In addition to the campaign design, further outputs included campaign toolkits, accessible digital reports and the small grants scheme application forms.
North East Lincolnshire
I've supported several programmes tailored to older people’s health and wellbeing, encouraging social engagement and addressing health inequalities.
In North East Lincolnshire, local people worked together to improve services for vulnerable adults, increase activity, reduce isolation and improve healthy eating.
I designed a visual identity for the programme and worked with community groups to produce bespoke photography.
Speak Out for Skin
This campaign features community team members who took to the streets, and we won an award for the campaign. 
It was developed to target healthcare professionals and patients. 'Speak out for Skin' because treating small problems now can prevent bigger problems later.
Surviving Winter
This campaign encourages older people to take up financial help with the rising cost of fuel bills. The team worked alongside local health professionals and the benefits agency.
Older people received vital benefits information and support, tips to keep warm and room thermometers to measure the temperature in their homes.
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