Be clear
on cancer.

An adaptation of the national 'Be Clear On Cancer' campaign, produced in collaboration with NHS North East Lincolnshire, Early Presentation of Cancer Symptoms Programme. 

Since 2009, I have had the privilege of working independently with clients, including a health improvement consultancy that manages a mix of community-led programmes. 
I support insight gathering and work with clients and audiences to create bespoke campaigns or adapt national campaigns for their needs. This collaborative effort has effectively targeted health inequalities in some of our most disadvantaged communities. 
Through collaboration, people come together, share their experiences, and learn how to tackle local issues by raising awareness and motivating others to action. This is just one example of the many times I've used community insight to adapt national campaigns.
Bolton Council
Bolton Council needed to share messages relevant to their local communities and raise awareness of the simple things people can do locally to maintain good mental health. I created bespoke content that localised key messages, following the core design principles of the NHS Better Health, Every Mind Matters campaign.

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