Condom wallets and visual identity. NHS Derbyshire Community Health Services.

Hyper-local social marketing in Partington. Greater Manchester Mobile Breast Screening Unit.

Rise, Voice, Vote, creating a visual identity for today. Pankhurst Trust (Incorporating Manchester Women's Aid). Toolkit.

Highlighting the importance of free NHS sight tests for children. Derbyshire County Council.

Adding 'people power' to the cancer awareness message. NHS North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus. 

Designing graphics and fundraising collateral for the Pankhurst Trust. Northern premiere of the film Suffragette. Pankhurst Trust (Incorporating Manchester Women's Aid)

Talking to families, friends, and neighbours about the importance of cancer screening. The Greater Manchester Cancer Screening Engagement Programme.

Zooming through a visual identity, pro-bono. Clair Gent Dog Grooming.

Leeds Health Awareness. About me.

Salford Healthy Communities. About me.

Salford Healthy Communities. About me.

Visual identity
Brand modelling
Creative direction
Logo design
Creative messaging
Illustration / Infographics
Artwork templates
Brand guidelines
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