Graphic design is not just about making something look good. It's a way to visualise a concept, often guiding you through complex information.

I pitch my ideas and encourage clients to maintain a consistent visual identity.  I ask them to look beyond a ‘logo’ and ask questions about each project's objectives: challenging clutter and brand inconsistency.
You call
the shots.
I use clear and concise language, with visual elements, to illustrate key messages and break down complex information into smaller, more manageable concepts. My day-to-day support includes advice on when and how to use third-party guidelines while being able to incorporate a unique story.
Give diabetes the finger.
Salford Healthy Communities.
Salford City Council.
Find out if you're at risk of developing diabetes and what you can do to reduce it.
Leeds Health Awareness
Visual identity.
Answer Cancer

The Greater Manchester Cancer Screening Engagement Programme. Funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

Answer Cancer is delivered by four voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations. I encouraged them to conceptualise a social movement to harness ‘people power’ and get thousands of Greater Manchester residents talking to their families, friends, and neighbours about the importance of cancer screening.
Mood boards
I named the programme and created its visual identity with bespoke templates and resources for community events. Over five consecutive years, I have designed their annual impact reports and produced 23 digital engagement resources. These cover detailed bowel cancer, breast, and cervical screening.
Snug as a bug
NHS North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus. Older People's Health and Wellbeing Programme.
Visual identity
Brand modelling
Creative direction
Logo design
Creative messaging
Illustration / Infographics
Artwork templates
Brand guidelines
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